Why Little Finders Love School Holidays

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Why these mums love School Holidays. Stresses – need no more!

As we approach another set of school holidays, winter ones by the way, you can see parents  anxiety levels start to rise. If you are not one of  those lucky families whom form the mass exodus up north, you are going to need a few tips, hints and ideas for things to do. 

We all like to think the holidays will be a great time to snuggle in, calm down, jump puddles and embrace the colder months, but they do become long days with cries of boredom very quickly. Whilst we rack our brains of new fun things to do, these Bayside mums of twins might just have some ideas for you.

Firstly, they love school holidays. Why? They get amongst it, get in it and have tonnes of fun. Exploring, wandering, creating, bouncing, jumping, riding, swinging, building, laughing, climbing, bowling, playing, feeding, flying, running, swimming, they found it for kids of all ages.

Recent research by Groupon Australia reveals that mums and dads are estimated to make nearly 100 suggestions over the school holidays to keep their kids busy, with 79% admitting that their children get bored.

These mums don’t settle for boredom and you certainly don’t need to spend the big bucks to have some fun. Like retail, a lot of us love a sale. In fact our spending trends and behaviours mostly centre around waiting for a sale. Who pays full price and loves it? Similarly, these mums felt the same for doing activities with their kids. And they want to share with parents how to save big.

Co-founded by Naomi and Sally-Anne, both mums of twins, Little Finders was born out of desire to create fun new experiences for families with lots of savings to be made. So whilst parents are pulling their hair out either finding school holiday programs or activities for their kids to do, another big one to juggle is keeping the kids engaged and away from the screen. And to add to all this, the financial burden that is placed on families to take their kids to these great fun places. We all know Australia is expensive. Very expensive to simply eat and to have a social life let alone all the necessary responsibilities we have. Like bills.

Oh then you have the topic of scheduling and overscheduling our kids. Too many activities, too many commitments. Ok. STOP. Its only your own fault. Are we all guilty of this. You bet. Have I over scheduled simply because I am craving my own space. Yep! Alright, so it’s back to School Holidays. Might be time to take a breather and just slow down. The biggest tip we can give you is to plan. Really think about the places you’d like to go. Some could be a reward for the kids, others could be for the sheer convenience, but remember it’s not about spoiling the little monkeys and busy-ing them up to much, its simply offering further stimulation and engagement outside of the house. And it doesn’t have to cost much. In fact, so many wonderful parks and places to go that are free.

I admit this, from a mum that has asked Dr Google ‘what to do with my kids during school holidays, that is fun and wont send me broke’ inspired us to go and find this and deliver this very answer. How? Well the how was the fun part. 

We created Little Finders, Australia’s most exciting kids membership finding families all the fun places to go with hundreds and thousands of savings. 

Little Finders includes tonnes of discounted entries, 2 For 1’s and 50% off deals for families across Australia, giving Savings at the movies, Discounts on attractions, theme parks, zoos, farms, play centres & kids activities. 

Keeping it simple for families, we launched the Little Finders APP that is an annual membership costing $49.95 for 12 months. Starting any month of the year and is easy to redeem all offers. All you need is your phone. No pull out vouchers or books needed.

It’s the Go-to guide for ideas and FUN things to do.

Little finders was born to put all things fun in one place to make it easy and affordable for families. Click here to purchase your membership now!

Our Beautiful Twins x 2!

Little Finders Awesome MUM Team !!